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Food Freezing

Introduction - Freezing Point Water

Crystallization - Homogeneous Nucleation

Crystalllization - Heterogeneous Nucleation

Rate of Nucleation

Crystal growth

Crystal Size and Location

Freezing Diagram of Water

Freezing Diagram of Binary mixture

Freezing Diagram of Foods

Food Properties during Freezing

Freezing Time - Plank's Equation

Freezing Time - Pham's Equation

Food Freezing Systems :

Selection Criteria and Classification

Still-Air Room Freezers

Air Blast Room Freezers

Air Blast Tunnel Freezers

Belt Freezers

Spiral Belt Freezers

Fluidized-bed Freezers

Plate Freezers

Scraped-surface and Drum Freezers

Immersion Brine Freezers

Cryogenic Freezers

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