Virtual Experiments in Food Processing
(Second Edition -revised)
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198 pages, and software
(ISBN 978-0-9748638-1-8)

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Virtual Experiments in Food Processing

Food Properties:

Rheological Properties of Foods

Thermophysical Properties of Foods

Moisture Diffusion Coefficient in Foods

Psychrometic Properties of Air

Properties of Steam - Steam Table

Fluid Flow:

Pumping Liquid Foods

Heat Transfer:

Measurement of time constant of a sensor

Estimating convective heat transfer coefficient

Heating milk in a tubular heat exchanger

Food Processing Operations:

Heating liquid foods in a kettle

Hydrocoolling fruits and vegetables

Canning foods

Food refrigeration

Food freezing

Mass Transfer Operations:

Convective air drying of foods

Osmotic drying of foods

Brining of foods

Determining water rehydration in pasta

Ultrafiltration for separating food components

Food Storage:

Determining sorption isotherm of corn

Kinetics of nutrient degradation

Oxygen and carbon dioxide in modified atmosphere packaging

Predictive microbiology

Frozen food storage