Introduction to Food Engineering

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Virtual Experiments in Food Processing

Following links allow you access to virtual experiments

  1. Rheological Properties of Foods
  2. Thermophysical Properties of Foods
  3. Moisture Diffusion Coefficient in Foods
  4. Pumping Liquid Foods
  5. Measurement of Time Constant of a Sensor
  6. Estimating Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
  7. Heating Milk in a Tubular Heat Exchanger
  8. Heating Liquid Foods in a Kettle
  9. Hydrocooling Fruits and Vegetables
  10. Canning Foods
  11. Lethality in Canning Foods
  12. Food Refrigeration
  13. Food Freezing
  14. Convective Drying of Foods
  15. Osmotic Drying of Foods
  16. Brining of Foods
  17. Determining Water Rehydration in Pasta
  18. Ultrafiltration for Separating food Components
  19. Determining Sorption Isotherm of Corn
  20. Kinetics of Nutrient Degradation
  21. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  22. Predictive Microbiology
  23. Frozen Food Storage